Victoria’s driving abilities have become a bit of a long-running joke for Vancouver Islanders, including members of VicPD.

That’s why yesterday, as many Victorians were watching the gently falling snow, VicPD sent out a tongue-and-cheek tweet reminding drivers and cyclists to take extra care when hitting the roads.

Since then, the tweet has been shared hundreds of times and was liked by thousands.

Police weren’t the only ones having a little fun with the weather, however. In response to VicPD’s tweet, many residents sent clapbacks of their own about the snow sighting.

If you’re looking for tips on how to drive in snowy conditions, ICBC recommends slowing down and leaving more follow distance between you and the vehicle in front of you than you normally would.

Additionally, If you hit black ice, ICBC suggests easing off the accelerator and looking/steering in the direction that you want to go. Do not brake as it will make the situation worse.

Or just follow this tip that an American news outlet shared last year: