(Screenshot / Round_Humor Reddit)


A Victoria man suffered quite a bump to the head after he tried running underneath a gate in downtown’s Bastion Square Parkade Tuesday, February 5th.

A dashcam video posted to social media shows the man being struck by the inanimate object, a boom barrier, around 4:45 p.m. as he and his friend rushed across Yates Street.

“That’s not area for pedestrians,” said Bill Eisenhauer, Head of Engagement for the city of Victoria. “That entrance and exit is geared for vehicles.”

While there is a sensor to stop the boom barrier from closing, Eisenhauer says that it was designed to account for cars. “There is an automatic eye attached but it’s meant to pick up on vehicles,” he said.

Fortunately for the jaywalker, the side of the boom barrier that landed on his head was the lighter end of the two, as the gates are made with counterweights to allow the bar to be raised vertically.

“Hah, that was not what I expected,” said one video commenter, whose Reddit name is ‘uhhyeahseatbelts’. “He didn’t look intoxicated either, just a bit air headed.”

“Dude got chopped like Ned Stark,” said another commenter, VicMadDad.

Check out the video for yourself. The pair start walking across the street around the 0:15 mark.

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