Image by Colin Smith Takes Pics

It’s no shock that February’s snowfall in Victoria broke local records, but you may be surprised to hear that we actually surpassed the amount snow received by other major cities across Canada.

According to The Weather Network meteorologist Chris Murphy, Victoria received a total of 68 cm of snow since February 1st – that’s 3 cm more than Sudbury ON, the recipient of the second largest amount of snowfall in the country this month.

To be sure, this doesn’t mean we’ve had the most snowfall this winter. In a tweet, Murphy clarifies that there is a much “deeper snow pack in other places because of existing snow prior to Feb. 1”.

However since the beginning of February, Victoria has been leading the pack when it comes to classic winter weather.

As of Thursday night, however, it appears that the blast of flurries in Victoria may be over – at least for the next 7 days.

Besides a chance of minor snowfall on Wednesday, February 20th (as predicted by the Weather Network), it looks like the rest of the week has nothing but sunshine and rain in store for the city.

According to Environment Canada meteorologist Carmen Hartt, this month’s snowfall has surpassed all prior records for Victoria – the last time we had close to this much snow in February was in 1949, when there was 44.5 cm of accumulation.

To draw a comparison with the most infamous blizzard in the city’s recent history, Victoria received 64.5cm of snow in one day, on December 29th, 1996.