(Screenshot / Mike McKillican Personal Real Estate Corporation)

A dream you never even knew you had could be fulfilled today, as Canada’s only registered floating pub has just gone up for sale in Nanaimo.

For a humble $2.6 million, you could own the iconic Dinghy Dock, a property that includes a floating pub, home, and ferry (vessel and business service included).

The pub first opened up on Nanaimo’s Protection Island in 1989, and over the past three decades the property has added a 4 bedroom deluxe waterfront home (that can easily be adapted into a Bed & Breakfast with a separate suite) and a standalone ferry boat service that can transport 34 passengers per trip.

But prospective buyers should move quickly, because in the past two weeks, 11 groups have viewed the floating property, including one person from Australia, one person from New York who previously lived in Nanaimo, a group of pub owners from the mainland, and many island locals.

(Image/ Mike McKillican Personal Real Estate Corporation)
(Image/ Mike McKillican Personal Real Estate Corporation)

Ferry concerns

As the Dinghy Dock acts as Protection Island’s only commercial dock, some local residents are voicing concerns about what will happen when the property changes ownership.

Should the ferry service close down, the only way to travel to or from the island is if people have their own boats, kayaks, or other water vessels.

But the Dinghy Dock’s real estate agent, Mike McKillican of the Sutton Group, is confident that the ferry service will remain in operation. The realtor believes that someone looking to invest millions of dollars into the property would not discontinue such a large element of the business.

“It’s the lifeline of the business,” McKillican said. “They’re not going to spend $2.6 million on the bar and house and ferry and disconnect the ferry.”

To help discuss concerns, a community meeting is scheduled for later this week.

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