(10 year old Hannah Day/Photo by Brooke Ervin - Facebook)

One of Sooke’s littlest residents who has been battling cancer and life threatening infections ever since she was born is now back in the hospital.

Doctors have recently found multiple tumours in 10-year-old Hannah Day’s brain and spine, causing her to go back to the BC Children’s Hospital in Vancouver for treatment.

Hannah was first diagnosed with rhabdomyosarcoma cancer when she was a baby, the treatment of which then caused leukaemia and left her vulnerable to other infections.

“The tumours in her brain [are] making it so fluid can’t flow causing swelling and pressure. Her head is currently like a balloon and they can’t just cut her open to release fluid as her brain will “burst”,” says Hannah’s mom, Brooke Ervin on Facebook.

“She’s currently unable to even sit up or open her eyes for long without vomiting and crying from extremely headaches.”

Ervin adds that if this turns out to be a new type of cancer, then Hannah may have a genetic disorder which will cause her to body to generate cancer forever.

A GoFundMe account has been set up to help the family with finances. At the time of publication, donors have raised $16,525 of the $20,000 goal.

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