(file photo)

An enormous snake has been repeatedly spotted by one Saanich resident, according to police.

On March 19th, a resident in the 3200 block of Linwood Avenue called Saanich Police with reports of a large pale yellow snake on his property.

According to the man, the snake has been spotted several times over the past few months, with the first sighting occurring around Christmas time. It is normally seen at night or in the very early morning, while it is still dark out.

Police say that the snake may be an exotic species that was being kept by a resident as a pet that may have been intentionally released by an owner who no longer wanted it. or unintentionally escaped. Police say that if it did escape, there have not been any reports of a missing snake.

The reptile may also be classified under BC’s controlled alien species regulations, which require individuals to obtain a permit before owning select exotic species. The BC Fish and Wildlife Branch has been alerted to the report and will follow up with residents in the area who may have such a permit.

Saanich Police say that there have been no other reports of someone seeing a large snake and that the Saanich Pound has been unable to locate one as well.

Anyone who spots the big reptile is asked to contact Saanich Police at 250-475-4321. If possible and safe to do so, police ask that people take a picture of the snake and keep it in sight until officers arrive.

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