(Artist Peter Ricq painting the new mural at Darcy's Pub/Photo by Jay Wallace Images)

In an announcement today, British Columbia’s Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture revealed supportive funding for six art organizations in the province in order to help them build an international presence.

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These grants have been established through the International Presence program to help artists and performers in BC instate relationships with industry leaders around the world and showcase their talent.

“B.C.’s artists are incredibly talented and passionate and we want to support their growth and visibility on the international stage,” said Lisa Beare, Minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture.

“Expanding our province’s global presence in the creative economy is making life better for B.C. artists and helping to build a strong, thriving arts sector that benefits everyone in B.C.”

There are three main criteria for initiatives being awarded these grants:

  • projects that expose participants to new markets and relationship-building opportunities.
  • projects that bring international presenters and curators to the province to increase their exposure to B.C. artists.
  • projects that result in cultural and artistic exchange, or unique collaborative opportunities.

A total of $350,000 per year is made available to participants in the program.

According to the province, these projects will support local artists’ presence at 31 international events and bring approximately 85 presenters and curators to B.C.