(Choices Adoption "Extraordinary General Meeting" / Victoria Mitchell)

Vancouver Island’s only private adoption agency has been saved from closure, thanks to the passionate efforts of many local community members.

At the beginning of April, Choices Adoption Agency announced that it would be shutting down on May 31st due to a declining number of international adoptions and bureaucratic hurdles in Canada’s federal adoption policies.

In the weeks following the announcement, the Victoria community rallied to save the adoption agency, starting an online petition that has since garnered over 1,300 signatures and prompting Choices to hold an “extraordinary general meeting” last Thursday.

After the meeting, on Wednesday, Choices new Vice Chair, Victoria Mitchell, told community members the adoption agency plans to remain open.

“Our new Board had their first meeting after the members left, and called a motion to reverse the closure,” said Mitchell on the Keep Choices Adoption Open Facebook group.

“It may sound silly, but we must now hold another meeting, where the Board will vote on the motion to reverse the closure, which we assure you will result in our hands raised to KEEP CHOICES OPEN!”

According to Mitchell, the new board is developing a concrete plan to keep the agency open while also abiding by all BC Societies Act and Choices bylaws.

Mitchell also notes that the board will move forward with full transparency so that the community members who supported Choices can remain up to date with what is happening.

“Yes, there is much work to still do, but please feel confident that your new Board is ready, willing, and qualified to take it on fully,” said Mitchell.

With the doors of Choices Adoption remaining open, the new board is quick to thank the community for their impassioned support.

The agency is just one of three that remain in BC.

“I know I’ve said it before, but it must be said again at this juncture,” added Mitchell.

“Thank you, to each and every one of you for your part in this. No matter how big or small, we ALL made a difference. We ALL fought with extreme passion to KEEP CHOICES OPEN. And we won… YOU WON!”

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