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Wanted Langford man arrested with drugs, baton, and replica firearm


One Langford man was arrested on Wednesday after officers from West Shore RCMP’s Bike Unit recognized him from outstanding warrants in the area.

At roughly 3:00 p.m., members of the Bike Unit noticed a vehicle leaving a residence that is known as a hotspot for criminal activity in Langford.

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The officers then followed the vehicle for a short time before performing a traffic stop. During the traffic stop, officers recognized the lone occupant of the vehicle, a male driver, as a 37-year-old Langford man who had outstanding warrants for his arrest that were connected to previous West Shore RCMP investigations.

Police say that the man is well known to them, and that the warrants were related to alleged death threats.

As the officers arrested the man, they discovered a collapsible baton, a modified airsoft pistol with a silencer, and suspected drug substances.

The man was then taken into custody and held overnight. He is scheduled to appear in court this morning, where Crown Counsel will determine final charges in relation to the weapons and drugs seized.

Adam Chan
Former Staff Writer at Victoria Buzz.

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