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With the annual Kidney Walk Victoria coming up next month, it’s time to rally the troops and get your fundraise on!

The 2.5 kilometer Kidney Foundation of Canada’s Kidney Walk is being held at Veteran’s Memorial Park in Langford this year on June 2nd, after making its way across the province for walks in many different locations.

Every year, 15,000+ volunteers and participants gather at Kidney Walks in communities throughout the country to raise awareness and funds for those affected by kidney disease, and individual fundraising is a huge part of that – here are 10 ways to raise up to $500 in pledges before the big day!

1. Sponsor yourself for $25 – this is a great way to kick start, and encourages others to give!

2. Ask 3 family members to donate $25 each – get the ball rolling with those closest to you.

3. Got 5 friends? Ask them if they’re able to each donate $20!

4. Get pledges at the office – 5 coworkers at $10 each – it adds up!

5. Be neighbourly! – Bowl of sugar? Nah! Get $10 from 5 neighbours to work towards your goal!

6. You’re already at $100! – Ask your employer to match the amount already donated, and earn yourself another $100.

7. Ask 3 of your favourite merchants – Hairstylist? Grocery store cashier? Mechanic? Get them all to donate $10!

8. Turn it around! – Ask two people you’ve already helped with their fundraising to return the favour, in the form of $25 each!

9. Acquaintances? That’s okay! – That person you see at the gym or even daycare centre should be able to donate $10 each!

10. Out of town family or friends – Use social media to your advantage! Send a Facebook message or make an Instagram post asking for $10 donations, and then you’ll easily surpass your goal.

Visit the Kidney Walk website and register online – or, you can download the registration form here. You can register as an individual, or create a team to walk with.

There will be on site refreshments at the event, fun activities for kids, and even live music presented by The Stragglers Off The Street!

Kidney Walk Victoria

  • When: Sunday, June 2nd – Registration opens at 10 a.m., walk begins at 11 a.m.
  • Where: Veteran’s Memorial Park, 2818 Aldwynd Road, Langford

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