(Brooke Ervin/Facebook)

It saddens us to report that after years of battling cancer and life threatening infections, beloved Sooke resident Hannah Day has passed away.

According to a Facebook post from her mom, Brooke Ervin, 9-year-old Hannah succumbed to the heavy chemotherapy treatment being administered to her.

“I walked into a horrific scene. My child screaming in pain. Over 30 lines running into her body. Surgical procedure being done with no pain meds or sedation because of her heart,” writes Ervin.

“Watching blood pouring from her mouth. The bacterial infection attacked her liver and she was bleeding out internally. She had gone into septic shock.”

Hannah was first diagnosed with rhabdomyosarcoma cancer when she was a baby, the treatment of which then caused leukaemia and left her vulnerable to other infections.

In March 2019, doctors found multiple tumours in Hannah Day’s brain causing her to go back to the BC Children’s Hospital in Vancouver for treatment.

Today, her family heard her say her last words – “everyone leave me alone” – before making the difficult decision relieve her of her pain and suffering and take Hannah off the machines that were keeping her alive.

She was disconnected from the machines at 8 p.m., after which she held on for 12 hours before passing away.

“We had to sit there and watch her die. Watch blood pour from her mouth, watch her struggle to breath and not be able to help. Watch her little body turn purple. We will always be forever traumatized.”

After the heart-wrenching experience of having to watch her daughter go through such tremendous pain, Brooke Ervin says she will be taking some time off social media to grieve, and to make up for Hannah’s sister Hailey for all the years of living “in a hospital room being yelled at for playing and being loud”.

She ended her message with a note of gratitude to all who have loved and supported their family over the years.

“Thank you everyone for the love over the years . For supporting our family and making life easier. I love you all so much . I wish I could of met you all. Good bye for now.”