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Hilarious Bingo card makes fun of construction-laden Victoria streets


If you find traffic frustrating in Victoria, you’re not alone.

With the weather starting to heat up on the island, construction around the city has also begun to ramp up, leading to regular delays on busy streets.

The many construction projects and detours have not gone unnoticed by Victoria’s Reddit community, and one a hilarious parody bingo card has quickly gone viral on the social media platform.

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The “Victoria Construction Bingo” card was posted to the subreddit on Wednesday night, and boasts almosts 250 upvotes within 24 hours.

A few of the funniest bingo squares include:

  • Left turn lane blocked by construction
  • McKenzie Interchange traffic pattern changes
  • New bike lane
  • Count 5 construction sites on evening commute
  • Suspicious fire at abandoned property

After the card was posted to Reddit, many online users contributed their relatable thoughts on the matter.

“Living on the edge of downtown, yes, the amount of construction for the past couple of years is unbelievable,” said James Bay Reddit user ManfromAntilles. “It’s everywhere.”

“BINGO!!! 😢” added user ThermionicEmissions.

While many social media users poked fun at the construction projects around the city, a number of island residents spoke up in support of the necessity of infrastructure upgrades.

“Well, I guess the only thing worse than road repairs is if they weren’t doing any at all,” said user broadmoor.

“Its awesome I’m making hella money,” commented user _Wheelz.

Check out the hilarious bingo card in its entirety below:

Adam Chan
Former Staff Writer at Victoria Buzz.

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