(Screenshot / McDonald's Canada Youtube)

Two surprising new menu items are coming to McDonald’s this week.

Starting tomorrow, May 14th, all McDonald’s locations across Canada will begin serving fish & chips and Nanaimo Bar McFlurrys for a limited time.

The new flavours will be introduced on May 14th, and will be available until June 17th.

McDonald’s Fish & Chips were first introduced in Canada in 2018 for a limited-time run on the East Coast.

Like last year, the fish used in the meal will be Atlantic Haddock, much of which will be harvested off the waters of Nova Scotia.

Besides the fish, the meal will include regular McDonald’s fries and tartar sauce.

Meanwhile, May 14th will also see Nanaimo Bar McFlurrys added to the McDonald’s menu.

Fingers crossed that their ice cream machines will be working!