Willows Beach (James Hutcheson / Facebook)

If you’re enjoying the island’s sunny weather, you’re not alone.

With summer just around the corner, Victoria is experiencing a heatwave that has exceeded 40+ years of temperature records.

On Thursday, Victoria reached a toasty 24.3°C, just over its predicted high of 24°C for the day.

The warm temperatures topped the city’s previous record of 23.3°C which was set over 40 years ago in 1975.

(Image / Environment Canada)

With sunshine still in the forecast for the weekend, Friday is also in a position to break early May heat records.

Friday is predicted to hit a high of 23°C, half a degree higher than the previous record of 22.6°C that was set in 1987.

As of 10:15 a.m., Victoria already reached temperatures of 20°C, making the high of 23°C well within reach.

According to an Environment Canada meteorologist, Victoria’s current heatwave is not unusual for early May.

“If a warm spell like this happens in May it’s going to be at the beginning of the month,” Environment Canada told Victoria Buzz.

“Temperatures are well above average but it is not that unusual.”

Thursday’s high of 24.3°C sat 8° above the average of 16°C for May 9th.

Following Thursday’s record breaking heat, the South Island is in for 4 more straight days of blue skies and sunshine.

If you’re looking to get a little extra Vitamin D this weekend, you’re in luck!

(Image / Environment Canada)