(PSD Erik and his find/Photo by West Shore RCMP)

Someone in Langford is about to be very disappointed when they go back to get their stash of cannabis.

This morning, West Shore RCMP K9 PSD Erik was on a walk with his human partner, Cst. Sansome, through a open area near Lakewood Elementary School, when he smelled something funny.

He then led Cst. Sansome over to a tree in an open field. At the base of the tree, Erik uncovered a stash of cannabis that was obviously hidden there by its owner.

(Photo by West Shore RCMP)

The K9 team took the bag of cannabis back to the West Shore RCMP detachment, and left a note and RCMP business card in its stead, prompting the owner to contact them.

“Erik and the West Shore RCMP would like to remind everyone that while Cannabis is legal, leaving it in a place where children and animals have access to it it poses a risk to their safety,” said spokesperson Cst. Saggar.

“Please don’t leave it out for your child or pet to find and possibly eat.”

Erik received plenty of treats after his job well done – but one Langford cannabis smoker is in for a disappointment.

(Photo by West Shore RCMP)