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Are you tired of losing and gaining an hour of sleep each year?

You may not be alone, as the BC government has just launched a public online survey asking if residents would like to keep the practice or transition to a permanent timezone.

“As our neighbours in the western United States move toward permanent daylight saving time, it’s a good time to think about what will work best for British Columbia,” said Premier John Horgan in a statement.

“I invite people to consider our options and take part in an online survey that will help us decide whether to leave things as they are or if it’s time to make a change.”

The survey began today, June 24th, and will be open until July 19th, 2019. You can find it online here.

Before the survey begins, the website provides background information on the history of daylight saving and its effects on some BC industries, like agriculture and transportation.

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Back in September 2018, municipal leaders voted to end daylight saving in the province.

The resolution was ultimately struck down, but the idea has regained traction this year.

At the time, the BC government said that daylight saving time was maintained to avoid scheduling confusion between the province and trading partners in the Western US.

However, since then, legislators in California, Oregon, and Washington have proposed bills to end the bi-annual time change.

“I know many people will have strong preferences on this complex question, and this is an opportunity to express them and help government decide our next steps,” Premier Horgan said.

“As we monitor what’s happening in other jurisdictions, I look forward to input from British Columbians on how to set our clocks throughout the year.”

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