(Photo by Colin Smith Takes Pics)

While there were plenty of incredible moments at this year’s 20th annual Victoria Ska & Reggae Festival, one of the most surreal highlights of the event was when one wheelchair-bound Victoria man, Adam, was hoisted up into an epic crowdsurf on Sunday.

The wholesome moment was powerful musically-charged and one that Adam [who requested that his full name not be published] won’t soon forget.

According to him, the crowd surfing experience began after his friends lifted him above the audience in an impromptu decision.

Before he knew it, the audience was passing him around until Less Than Jake pulled him up onto their stage as they were performing.

The 11-year resident of Victoria described the experience as “euphoric and an indescribable feeling of love.”

“Less Than Jake brought me on stage which was fantastic and looking back at the massive crowd feeling the energy was euphoric and an indescribable feeling of love,” he told Victoria Buzz.

“Then I dove back into the crowd after catching my breath.”

Adam says that his one thought throughout most of the experience was “I can’t believe this is happening”, alongside some excited profanity.

The 20th annual Victoria Ska & Reggae Festival took place in downtown’s Ship Point and various other venues between June 19th and 23rd.

Thousands of people attended the event, which included a range of performances from bands like Less Than Jake, an American ska punk band from Gainesville, Florida, to Ky-Mani Marley, Bob Marley’s son.

Check out photos Adam’s epic crowd surfing moment below:

(Photo by Colin Smith Takes Pics)
(Photo by Colin Smith Takes Pics)
(Photo by Colin Smith Takes Pics)
(Photo by Colin Smith Takes Pics)


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