(Oak Bay Police/Twitter)

An impatient driver narrowly missed hitting a traffic control flagger as they drove over a sidewalk to bypass a closed road.

Oak Bay Police are investigating the incident that occurred on Wednesday, July 3rd in which a traffic control flagger was working at a construction site on Bowker Ave when the vehicle in question approached.

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The driver proceeded to ignore the flagger – who was attempting to let them know that the street was closed – and drove onto the sidewalk, almost hitting the flagger in the process.

Their reckless act is a violation of the Criminal Code and the Motor Vehicle Act and, most importantly, puts the lives of flaggers and construction workers at risk.

“If you see a flagger or public works employee, etc on the road, please slow down,” wrote Oak Bay Police in a Tweet.

“They’re someone’s daughter or son, mother or father, etc. Not only can you get a ticket but if your driving is dangerous or negligent, you could get a criminal record.”

This incident was one of 104 calls for service received by the police department between June 30th and July 7th.

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