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Police are advising RV and motorhome owners to take extra precautions to secure their vehicles this summer after two men were found illegally living inside two motorhomes on Wednesday.

On the night of Wednesday, July 3rd, Saanich Police received two reports of suspicious individuals inside of privately owned motor homes.

The first call was received at approximately 10 p.m., after a homeowner in the 3800 block of Douglas Street noticed a naked man standing by their RV.

According to the homeowner, the man looked like he was trying to use the property’s garden hose before he entered into the motorhome and shut the door.

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Officers then arrived and found a 21-year-old Victoria man sitting inside the RV, still naked. According to police, it appeared that the man had been living inside the vehicle for at least a few days based on the condition of the interior.

The man, Randy Cartwright, was then arrested and charged with breaking and entering.

Then, just 30 minutes later, Saanich Police received a second call about someone illegally living inside a private motorhome.

Police say that a homeowner in the 4400 block of Wilkinson Road was returning from a vacation and found that the door to his truck camper was open.

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When he looked inside the camper, he noticed articles of clothing and other items that did not belong to him. He suspected that someone may have been living in the vehicle for a few days and placed an alarm inside, which activated later that day.

Once the alarm was triggered, he called Saanich Police who deployed officers to the property.

When officers arrived, they approached the mobile camper and attempted to open the door. However, the man inside held the door shut from the inside, preventing it from opening.

The man quickly released the door once K9 Hitch began barking, however, and was arrested for breaking and entering.

According to police, the 20-year-old man is a Victoria resident named Jesse Juba who was also wanted on 6 previous outstanding warrants.

“These are unusual calls that have reminded us that for those seeking shelter, an
RV parked idle on a property, can be appealing as a temporary home,” said Sgt. Julie Fast, Saanich Police, in a statement.

“So if you are an RV owner, take the time to frequently check your RV and ensure it is secure and untampered with.”