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A comparative crime analysis conducted by the Victoria Police department has found that thefts from vehicles have risen significantly in some parts of Victoria this year.

Overall this type of crime is up by 30% in VicPD’s jurisdiction compared to the same time period in 2018, but certain neighbourhoods have experienced a much more significant increase.

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According to data from the department’s Analysis and Intelligence Section, the neighbourhoods of Rockland, North Jubilee, and Fairfield have experienced increases of 236%, 118% and 115% respectively.

hiMeanwhile some communities like Esquimalt, Downtown, and Harris Green, saw a decrease in thefts from vehicles.

“Our belief is that many of these thefts from vehicles are being committed by a small group of prolific offenders,” Chief Constable Del Manak said.

“We are keeping the public updated on crime trends in their neighbourhoods so that they can work with us to reduce the likelihood of victimization. That’s why we are asking people to remove valuables from their vehicles to reduce the likelihood of these crimes occurring in the first place.”

According to a statement from VicPD, these thefts tend to happen during later hours, making it crucial for vehicle owners to adopt the “9 p.m. ritual” of ensuring all valuables are removed from it after 9 p.m. at night.

Here’s a summary of thefts from vehicles by neighbourhood