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Victoria police officer herds geese away from downtown intersection by “quacking” at them (VIDEO)


Living on Vancouver Island means frequent encounters with wildlife.

For one Victoria police officer, it also means going above and beyond the call of duty when it comes to keeping said wildlife away from harm.

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In a video recorded by Katie Bernardo and sent to Victoria Buzz, a gaggle of geese can be seen standing in the middle of the intersection of Esquimalt and Harbour Road, at risk of being injured by passing vehicles.

That’s when Cst. Chris Gilbert arrives in his VicPD cruiser, sirens blaring, in an effort to herd them over to the sidelines and to safety.

But when the geese were slow to budge, Cst. Gilbert decided to break out his loudspeaker and… quack at them.

“I came across the bridge and traffic was all snarled up because of this flock of geese. I want to encourage them off the road so I chirped my siren which didn’t really do much,” Cst. Gilbert tells Victoria Buzz.

“I initially went with a quack over my loudspeaker and quickly realized that it was the wrong sound but I felt committed to it and well I just rode it out hoping maybe no one would notice that I made a kindergarten error. I’m sure my four children will re-educate me this afternoon,” he joked.

And turns out, the birds seemed just as intimidated by a large vehicle making quacking sounds at them, as they probably would have been if it had honked like a goose.

Luckily, Bernardo was able to capture a video of the whole encounter from the pedestrian overpass by Johnson Street Bridge.

Check it out:

Brishti Basu
Former Senior Staff Writer and Content Manager at Victoria Buzz.

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