(2500-block of Beach Drive)

Oak Bay Police arrested a man for threatening to kill a woman and her husband last week.

On October 11th, police were called to the 2500-block of Beach Drive after a man threatened violence when he was refused a cigarette.

The complainant reported that when she said ‘no’ to him asking for a cigarette, he allegedly responded by threatening to slit her throat and kill her husband.

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The woman then fled into her home and called police.

Officers arrived at the scene shortly, after which the suspect became hostile and aggressive and proceeded to threaten to kill the police officer.

Soon after, the man was taken into custody and no one was injured in the incident.

“The male was about 6 feet, 250 lbs and extremely agitated and threatening,” Deputy Chief Ray Bernoties tells Victoria Buzz.

“However, we’re pleased that we were able to get there so swiftly and, despite being prepared to use our CEWs [Conducted Energy Weapons], they were not necessary.”

He was transported to the hospital for a mental health assessment and the file remains under investigation.

At this time, there is no word on whether charges against him will be recommended.