A Victoria Police officer was the subject of an Office of the Police Complaint Commissioner (OPCC) investigation after she used her police cruiser for a personal issue.

According to the report, in September 2018 the officer in question strapped her two children together in the front seat of her police cruiser, using one seatbelt.

She then turned on the lights and siren on her cruiser in order to rush them to school on time.

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The emergency lights, used against protocol, caused several motorists to pull over in order to let her pass.

At the time of the incident, the officer was also assigned to an investigation and left it, and her jurisdiction, to conduct a non-police related activity without informing a police supervisor.

The OPCC therefore charged her with two misconducts: discreditable conduct, and neglect of duty.

For her actions, she was given “advice to future conduct” and a “verbal reprimand”. She also received a violation ticket for strapping two children together with one seatbelt.

According to the report, this behaviour is not likely to be repeated as the officer in question was in the process of retiring.

This investigation into police conduct is one of 79 conducted by the OPCC in the past year, one of which resulted in the dismissal of former Victoria police chief, Frank Elsner.