(Maize/Photo by BC SPCA)

A 3-month-old puppy named Maize required extensive surgery after she was hit by a car in Campbell River.

She suffered four broken bones in her pelvis and hips and abrasions on her skin caused by road rash. Maize was transported to Victoria for treatment after her family surrendered her to the SPCA as they could not afford her surgery.

(Maize/Photo by BC SPCA)

“Maize is a sweet puppy who can recover from this terrible accident,” says SPCA Victoria branch manager Annie Prittie-Bell.

“We deeply appreciate support from the public to help provide the medical care Maize needs to get back on her paws.”

The SPCA is seeking donations to help with Maize’s costs of care as she recovers from these surgeries.

With physiotherapy, spaying, and vaccinations, these expenses are expecting to total up to $12,430.

Anyone who wishes to donate to help her recovery can do so at spca.bc.ca/medicalemergency or visit the branch at 3150 Napier Lane in Victoria.