(Don Cherry / Twitter)

It didn’t take Don Cherry long before getting himself back on the air… the audio air, that is.

According to the Toronto Sun, the long-standing face of Hockey Night in Canada’s Coach’s Corner will be bringing his voice back to hockey fans everywhere – this time, via podcast.

Reportedly airing for the first time tomorrow, Don Cherry is launching his very own podcast aptly named ‘The Grapevine’ – and if this sounds familiar, it’s because it’s been done before.

Cherry’s son, Tim, produced Don’s television show with the same name, which aired between 1982-93 and was filmed in Hamilton, Ontario.

All of this follows Cherry’s controversial saga that began last week and eventually lead to his firing from Sportsnet and Coach’s Corner after he made discriminatory comments towards immigrants which he refused to issue an apology for.

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The Toronto Sun’s Joe Warmington reports that the new podcast will feature Don talking about the NHL and hockey and whatever he pleases – no holds barred.

Cherry’s son Tim and his grandson Del will also be joining in on the show, which plans to release one episode each Monday during the hockey season.

The first episode is apparently half an hour long and promises to address the firing – in it he’ll also talk about former hockey player Maurice “The Rocket” Richard.

Will you tune in?

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