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Family of Emma Fillipoff hopes documentary about her disappearance will create new leads


On the eve of the 7th anniversary of Emma Fillipoff’s mysterious disappearance from downtown Victoria, her family hopes that a new documentary might create new leads to solve the case.

Good Luck Everyheart: The Search for Emma Fillipoff“, co-produced by Kimberly Bordage and Frank Orlando, will detail the events surrounding Emma’s disappearance in 2012 and the search for her afterwards.

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“It is my hope that this film will revive interest in Emma’s case, and with this renewed interest, someone may very well come forward,” her mother, Shelley Fillipoff said in a statement.

“It’s imperative that Emma’s unsolved disappearance be kept in the public eye as it may very well be the only hope of finding my daughter.”

The Victoria Police Department have actively participated in the production of this documentary.


On the evening of November 28th, 2012, officers responded to reports of a woman acting unusually in front of the Empress Hotel.

Officers found Emma upon arrival and, after a lengthy conversation with her, considered her general well-being to be fine and allowed her to leave.

A few short hours later she was reported missing. She hasn’t been seen or heard from since.

In the early stages of the subsequent investigation, officers determined that Emma may have been suffering from an undiagnosed mental illness.

Before her disappearance, Emma made several tearful, erratic calls to her mother asking her to fly out to Victoria and take her back to Perth.

The second unsolved riddle revolves around a man who popped up in Gastown in 2014. There is surveillance footage of him holding a missing persons poster of Emma, claiming that she was his girlfriend.

No one has yet been able to identify him.

A New Lead

One of the lone pieces of evidence in Emma’s investigation is a prepaid credit card that she had purchased the day of her disappearance, which was used five days later at a gas station in Colwood.

That changed in 2018, however, after a news release from helpfindemmafillipoff.com stated that a witness had come forward with information about Emma.

The person made contact in summer 2018, and their information suggests that Emma was headed in the direction of Colwood, shoeless, at 5:15 a.m. on November 29th, 2012.

A 3-day canine search was organized and documented by filmmaker and missing persons advocate, Kimberly Bordage and, while the search yielded no new information, it did rule out certain locations and kept Emma’s case in the public eye.

“It’s our hope that a new feature length documentary, highlighting the ongoing search for Emma, and the impact her disappearance has had on her loved ones, will reach an even broader audience and hopefully bring in the lead that is so desperately needed,” says Bordage.

For Emma’s mother and the rest of her famly, the past 7 years have been “a living nightmare”.

“We have been through hell not knowing whether Emma is even alive. Now, more than ever, I believe that someone knows something.”

The documentary about Emma’s disappearance is scheduled to be released in the fall of 2020.

Brishti Basu
Former Senior Staff Writer and Content Manager at Victoria Buzz.

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