(Image / Sharmarke Dubow - Victoria City Councillor Facebook)

Victoria city council has passed a motion to discuss councillor Sharmarke Dubow’s challenge for local leaders to travel by BC Transit for a week.

Earlier this week, councillor Dubow issued a motion challenging members of the Victoria Regional Transit Commission and local elected officials to commit to using BC Transit as their sole mode of transportation for a week.

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“City councillors, transit officials and Victoria Regional Transit Commission members are responsible for providing transit services to Victoria residents,” reads Dubow’s motion.

“Therefore, they should experience this service firsthand to gain a better understanding of the service quality and the user experience.”

“By walking in the shoes of those who rely on transit to get to work and essential services every day, those responsible will understand what it feels like to wait for a bus that’s late or to miss a bus connection that derails your entire trip.”

Already, a few leaders have said they will join the challenge, including Victoria mayor Lisa Helps, Colwood mayor Rob Martin, Oak Bay mayor Kevin Murdoch, and several Saanich councillors.

Once local leaders have experienced their week of bus travel, the motion calls for them to share their experiences with their council, communities, and transit commission representative.

Dubow’s initiative has also been lauded by people in Victoria and across Canada through Twitter: