Rapid Transit
Photo via BC Transit

Victoria bicyclists will have an easier time travelling on public transit next year.

BC Transit has announced that their new, wider bike racks will be available across the province starting in 2020. Previous racks could only accommodate two-inch-wide tires, while the newer ones can fit up to three inches. 

The new racks will be installed on each of the 80 new buses that BC Transit plans to roll out throughout the next 12 months. Broken bike racks on current buses will also be replaced with the new racks. 

The transit company says customers requested the change, which is more useful for mountain bikes and electric bicycles. 

“The results from our testing indicated that we can safely approve this wide tire bike rack for BC Transit’s customers,” says Jeff Coleman, a supervisor at BC Transit. 

Currently, buses in Whistler, Nanaimo, Kamloops and Squamish are already operating with the bike racks.

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In the same statement, the company says they were not able to find a solution for customers who requested racks for three bicycles at a time. 

“The three-bike racks did not meet BC Transit’s safety expectations due to issues with the headlight obstruction,” the statement reads.