Hotel Zed are not shy about acknowledging what people get up to on Valentine’s Day, and this year they’re really leaning into it. 

Once again, the hotel is offering four-hour “Nooner” packages for amorous couples to enjoy, and this year, there’s an extra twist — and it’s called the Nooner Baby Maker.

“If you and your partner welcome a baby into the family nine months after a Nooner Baby Maker check-in, you will receive a free stay every Valentine’s Day for the next 18 years at any Hotel Zed location,” their blog states, in a post titled “GET LUCKY THIS VALENTINE’S DAY”! 

That’s right — if you and your partner’s stars align, then you’ve figured out your Valentine’s Day plans for the next two decades.

And the contest is open to anybody, Hotel Zed says.

“[We welcome] everyone to participate in the Baby Maker Nooner promotion regardless of gender expression, gender identity and sexual orietantion,” their blog post says. 

“We know that the stork can take many routes to bring a baby into your family. As long as a new child has been welcomed into the family nine months after your Nooner, we’ll be celebrating with you!”

This promotion is available at any Hotel Zed location, whether the Victoria, Kelowna, or the soon-to-open Tofino branch. 

Enjoy some affordable arousal

The Nooner package offers a discounted four-hour stay at the hotel, for couples who like to get down and dirty while saving money. The Nooner Baby Maker costs $59, less than half the price of an overnight package in Victoria, which starts at $129.

(Yes, overnight packages are also available, for partners who want to take their time and set the mood first.)

Hotel Zed, known for their zany brand and off-the-wall promotions, says that they’re excited to offer a special unlike any other on this romantic day.

“Let’s face it, Valentine’s Day was made for getting lucky,” their blog post reads, “and we think you’ll agree that the real fun happens behind closed doors, not with stale chocolates and overpriced roses.”

Good luck to all those involved — and for any midwives or OBGYNs reading this, maybe start preparing for a busier November than usual.

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