(Screenshot from video by Tabitha Cooper/Facebook)

An airport reunion video shared on social media about seven months ago appears to be back on everyone’s news feeds – and we’re not complaining!

The video, shared on Facebook and YouTube by Tabitha Cooper, gained roaring reviews from viewers as they watched three dinosaurs hug it out in the arrivals lounge at Victoria International Airport.

Viewed over 10 million times on Facebook and nearly 18,000 times on YouTube, shows two young kids waiting in raptor costumes to greet their grandmother – who walks out sporting a dinosaur-do herself!

Owen and Ethan were pranked by their grandmother a couple years ago in an Ontario airport when she came to greet them dressed as a T-Rex.

So in 2019, the boys started plotting a reptilian retaliation when they were told their grandma was coming to visit them in Victoria. On her day of arrival, they dressed in their Halloween velociraptor costumes, and headed to the airport.

To their surprise, Grandma came walking through the sliding doors dressed once again in her T-Rex outfit.

The hilarious double-prank was shared with the world back in June 2019, but proved so popular that it is still making the rounds on social media in 2020.

Check it out:


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