Beyond Meat
(CNW Group/Tim Hortons)

Bad news for vegan Tim’s fans!

Tim Hortons is no longer selling Beyond Meat breakfast sandwiches or burgers in their B.C. and Ontario locations, ending the chain’s test run with the plant-based meat substitute.

The famous coffee shop chain introduced three types of Beyond Meat breakfast sandwiches in June 2019, and offered plant-based burgers just a few months later.

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Unfortunately, the chain did not see the same success that A&W did with their plant-based foods. In September 2019, Tim’s scrapped the menu offerings in all but two provinces.

And now, hungry vegans in Ontario and B.C. can no longer grab some Timbits and Beyond Meat sandwiches on the same trip.

In a statement made to the CBC, spokesperson Sarah McConnell said Tim’s hasn’t sworn off plant-based food forever, but that they have no immediate plans to do re-introduce any such product.

Better just stick to the bagels and cream cheese for now, then!