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Here’s how to check if you have unclaimed cheques from Canada Revenue Agency


Some Canadian residents could be in for a financial boost this tax season, all without entering any lotteries.

The Canada Revenue Agency has a feature on its website called ‘uncashed cheques’ and many Canadians are netting hundreds of dollars they are owed from uncashed government cheques dating back many years!

For those unaware of this nifty feature, the CRA website stores any tax refunds, benefits, etc. you haven’t yet collected from years past under a section labelled ‘Uncashed cheques’.

Uncashed cheques could result from having moved to a new address without updating it on the CRA website, or believing the payment may have been made by mistake, or if the original cheque was lost, damaged, or destroyed.

Since the Canada Revenue Agency switched its system to include direct deposit, many people have reported finding hitherto unknown amounts of money in the form of cheques under the ‘Uncashed cheques’ section of the website.

Here’s how to see if you’re owed money

Simply log in to your CRA account – once you’ve logged in, select Uncashed cheques’  located in the “related services section” on the right side as you scroll down.

The next page displays any cheques you haven’t cashed, with the amounts displayed next to them.

To claim them, you will need to download a pre-populated form, which then has to be signed by you, as the payee, and also by a witness.

Then you scan and submit the form online or mail it to the CRA.

“CRA cheques never expire or become stale-dated. You can cash your CRA cheque for free at any bank in Canada,” reads the website.

For a lot of people, there’s likely nothing left to claim. But for others…cha-ching!


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Brishti Basu
Former Senior Staff Writer and Content Manager at Victoria Buzz.

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