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Making Victoria a more accessible city – one vehicle at a time!

Local carsharing cooperative Modo has once again upped their game on convenience, this time adding a fully accessible van to their fleet – the first shared vehicle of its kind in the city.

The wheelchair accessible van will be conveniently parked at Community Living Victoria, which is located at Cedar Hill Cross Road and Merriman Drive.

According to Statistics Canada, Victoria is aging faster than most Canadian cities – which makes Modo’s newest addition an even more welcome one.

As the number of seniors in Victoria grows, so does the demand for services needed for them – with transportation topping the list. People over 65 make up 18% of the population in the Capital Region, which is 3% higher than the province’s average. 

“Modo’s new accessibility van will help everyone living with mobility challenges, especially our seniors, who tend to have an increased risk of becoming isolated,” says Lesley Cobus of the Monterey Recreation Centre. “Staying connected and engaged in one’s community is essential for people’s physical, mental and emotional well-being.” 

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We’re pleased to announce Modo is making accessibility a priority on the Island and has launched Victoria's first shared accessibility van (#1329)! 🎉⁠ ⁠ The second in our fleet (with another in Vancouver) will hope to provide an inclusive and convenient option to the region.⁠ Modo’s accessibility van can fit four passengers and a wheelchair user, so families and friends can travel together.⁠ The van has a folding ramp, rear entrance, and tie-down straps for all types of wheelchairs.⁠ ⁠ Try out the new van with $50 in free drive time when you join with code VICACCESS 🚗⁠ ⁠ #whymodo #sharedmobility #accessibilityvan #victoria #vancouverisland #carsharing #coop #cooperative #transportation ⁠

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A vehicle for everyone

Not only will the fully accessible new vehicle help out seniors in our city, but those with mobility issues as well – with around 7.2% of Canadians over the age of 15 reported to be mobility impaired. 

“By reserving Modo’s accessibility van for the day, members who otherwise wouldn’t be able to take part – due to lack of suitable transportation – can,” says  Jenna Wright, Spinal Cord Injury (SPI) BC’s Provincial Peer Program Lead. “Having access to a safe vehicle, without the added cost of gas and insurance, removes a lot of the stress.” 

The new Victoria-based vehicle is not only expected to serve those looking to get around the city, but also on vacations away from it.

Modo is a member-owned co-operative, and as such, is focused on people – not profit. For them, adding a second accessibility van to its fleet just made sense.

“For many, getting there can be half the fun. But for those living with mobility challenges, getting places is often half the battle,” says Selena McLachlan, Director of Communications. “Our social purpose – to connect people with places in a way that’s affordable, convenient, inclusive and sustainable – is core to who we are. This is especially true when it comes to members of our community who are under-served by conventional modes of transportation due to a number of reasons.”

Let’s hit the road

Modo’s accessibility vans can fit four passengers plus one wheelchair user, so families and friends can travel together in one vehicle. Each van has a folding ramp, rear entrance, and tie-down straps for wheelchairs of all types. 

The new van adds to the fleet of over one hundred cars, SUVs and trucks in Greater Victoria – take a look at their full range of vehicles here!

Interested in trying out the accessibility van for yourself?

Join Modo with code VICACCESS for $50 in free drive time by visiting them online – happy driving!

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