(Walmart Canada, Uptown Shopping Centre)

Last week, Walmart Canada announced it would be hiring 10,000 more employees to work in its stores and distribution centres as it deals with issues related to COVID-19.

The company released a memo on Friday from Walmart Canada CEO Horacio Barbeito, but did not provide details on where the jobs would be or whether they would be temporary.

“We want to immediately hire 10,000 more associates in our stores and distribution centres,” Barbeito said in the memo. “There’s a lot of work and we need you.”

Walmart Canada’s career website shows nearly 2,000 job positions available ranging from sales associates, bakery workers, cashiers and overnight fulfilment workers.

Like many other grocery stores, Walmart has also dedicated the opening hour of the stores exclusively for seniors, the disabled, and those with vulnerable health conditions, to ensure that these groups can get the necessities they need safely.

The memo also says Walmart Canada is making a $1 million donation to its charity partners so they can provide immediate service.

An additional $500,000 donation will be made to Food Banks Canada so they can share critical food resources with local food banks across Canada.

The company currently employs about 90,000 workers in Canada, according to the memo.

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