(Victoria Buzz stock photo)

One man has been taken into custody after a gunshot was fired through a young family’s wall in their apartment suite near downtown Victoria Sunday morning.

According to VicPD, police were called to the 1200-block of Yates Street just after 6 a.m. this morning for a report of at least one gunshot fired through a wall of a nearby suite in a multi-unit residential building.

The suite was home to a family who were sleeping at the time of the incident. Investigators do not believe the family was targeted.

Officers evacuated residents of the building and called in the Greater Victoria Response Team (GVERT), including crisis negotiators who made contact with the suspect in the suite where the gunshot was fired from.

Because the individual was uncooperative, the GVERT ended up forcing the man’s door open after a four hour standoff, and the suspect surrendered without incident.

According to reports, there was a gunshot hole in the ceiling above the suspects’s bed which was adjacent to the suite of the family above.

There were no injuries.

The man is currently in custody and an investigation into the incident is ongoing.