Westshore RCMP Stolen Property
Some of the items recovered by Police (West Shore RCMP)

The West Shore RCMP say they have recovered over $30,000 worth of stolen items after executing a search warrant on a storage unit in Saanich.

Officers were tipped off in May 2020 that a chronic property crime offender known to frequent the West Shore area was allegedly in possession of stolen property.

After seeing the 52-year-old suspect coming and going from a storage unit in Saanich, police executed a search warrant and uncovered a massive amount of stolen property.

The items included a number of power tools and equipment as well as laptops and other electronics.

RCMP have linked the property to thefts across the Greater Victoria area and are in the process of returning the items to their rightful owners.

They have arrested the suspect on property and drug related charges.

Police also found 17 grams of methamphetamine on the suspect as well as a deactivated hand grenade shell.