(Rescued otter pup/BC SPCA Wild ARC)

The BC SPCA’s Wild Animal Rehabilitation Centre (Wild ARC) is now home to an otter pup that was found wandering a beach in Victoria.

In a statement on Friday, Wild ARC says a young female river otter pup was recently found crying alone at a beach by a member of the public, who realized that something was wrong.

They reached out to Wild ARC who determined that the pup needed immediate care.

“On arrival the otter was dehydrated and emaciated, weighting in at just 1.1 kilograms,” says Andrea Wallace, manager, wild animal welfare. “It is likely that she was a late-season baby, and for an unknown reason, became separated from her mother.”

Wallace says the pup’s caregivers were initially concerned that she may be injured as she seemed unsteady on her legs, but X-Rays revealed that there were no injuries—she was just very weak from being malnourished.

Wild ARC is currently also home to a second female otter pup who was rescued in June after her mother was killed by a car.

Once this new pup has healed, the centre says they will try and introduce her to the other pup.

Both will stay at Wild ARC until spring 2021 when they will be old enough to be released back into the wild.

The rehabilitation centre, which runs primarily on donations, does have need of more funds to ensure proper care for both otters.

“The cost for raising one otter was generously donated by so many of our supporters and we thank you all for your financial assistance,” says Wallace after a medical emergency fund for the first orphaned otter exceeded the initial goal.

“The cost for food, formula, regular fluid therapy, pool changes and medical care is significant and we would really appreciate your partnership.”

Anyone who wishes to help this baby otter and other animals at Wild ARC can do so at spca.bc.ca/medicalemergency.

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