Doug Clement Sturgeon Moon
Doug Clement Photography

Islanders were treated to some stunning views of a ‘Sturgeon Moon’ last night and snapped some terrific photos for social media.

According to the Old Farmer’s Almanac, the first full moon in August is occasionally referred to as a Sturgeon Moon. The name dates back to colonial-era North America and likely derives from the fish being plentiful at this time of year in the Great Lakes area.

Kaigani Haida artist Dolly Garza says in her book “Tlingit: Moon & Tide” that the Haida referred to the August full moon as Chíin Kungáay, or a Salmon Moon.

The moon reached peak illumination last night but will be visible tonight as it begins waning to third quarter on August 11.

The astronomy viewing website says that it’s a clear night ahead, so there’s still plenty of good views to be had.

Coming up next week Islanders will be treated to the annual Perseids meteor shower. Here’s how you can take in the dazzling display of shooting stars.

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