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For the first time ever, the B.C. Ministry of Health is releasing specific regional information that identifies how many COVID-19 cases have been reported in different parts of the province.

To date, there have been 5,372 cases reported in B.C. out of which 173 were located in the Vancouver Island Health region.

Data released Thursday shows that out of those 173, 29 cases were located in the Greater Victoria area, 11 on the Saanich Peninsula, and six cases in the Western Communities or the West Shore area.

The majority of Island Health region cases were located in the northern part of the island, with a total of 30 cases located in that area.

While the total number of cases in each region has been identified, there is no information on where active cases are currently located.

In total, there are now 16 active cases in the Vancouver Island Health region.

Region-specific information about where COVID-19 cases are located will be updated periodically, according to Dr. Bonnie Henry.

It is unclear how often this map will be updated moving forward.