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Car destroyed by fire Wednesday night near Saanich park (VIDEO)


A car was engulfed in flames late Wednesday evening near Rutledge Park, according to a witness who also shot video of the incident.

Teale Phelps Bondaroff says he was working late at his home near the park when he heard a large explosion.

“From our patio we’re about three buildings away from Rutledge Park,” Phelps Bondaroff said in a phone call with Victoria Buzz. “I could see a large fireball.”

A second explosion occurred, and he dialled 911.

Phelps Bondaroff says firefighters responded immediately.

“They were on the scene in about two minutes, and had the fire out in about five.”

He added that the work of the emergency responders was professional and swift.

“To me it was really impressive to see the Saanich firefighters get out there,” said Phelps Bondaroff. “They really know what they’re doing.”

Assistant Deputy Chief Rob Heppell with the Saanich Fire Department says that firefighters responded to a report of a car fire in the 900-block of Inverness Rd.

Crews arrived to find a Ford Focus with a fire coming from the engine compartment.

“The vehicle was secured and unoccupied,” said Heppell in a phone call with Victoria Buzz.

He says that the vehicle’s owner responded to the scene and spoke with firefighters on site.

Heppell added that it appear from early indications that the cause of the fire was due to an electrical issue.

There were no physical injuries from the incident.

Tim Ford
Tim Ford
Digital staff writer with Victoria Buzz

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