Reddit users have compiled a list of Victoria businesses with mandatory mask policies to help make COVID-19 shopping a breeze as we head into the fall.

The list was posted in the r/VictoriaBC subreddit by user u/ilikeycoffee with the intention of supporting businesses that are taking precautions to protect customers and staff alike.

“This is a list for folks who want to shop at businesses that have mandatory, enforced mask policies for their staff and all patrons,” wrote ilikeycoffee.

“As we head into the fall and the second wave of this pandemic, businesses caring not only about their customers, but also their staff, deserve our support and patronage.”

Large chains like Walmart that currently have company-wide mask policies are included, as well as independent local stores like North Park Bike Shop.

The list is based on reports from local users and is frequently updated. The most recent update was September 14 at 3 p.m.

A similar list of restaurants was posted by user /u/bedoublenegative and details local establishments and the steps they are taking to maintain COVID-19 protocols and safety. It was also updated on September 14.

Reaction to the lists has been largely positive, with one top comment thanking the creators for their work.

“Thanks for this list btw,” wrote Spookycat_m. “It would certainly make me more interested in going in to a particular business if I knew masks were mandatory!”

A copy of the list as it appeared on September 14 is below:


  • Walmart, all locations. Definitely enforce the mask policy, with masks handed out at the door for those without.
  • Whole Foods; mandatory mask policy N. America wide since July, for both staff and customers; however, not enforced at entryway.
  • Real Canadian Superstore Started on Aug 29, but multiple reports of not being enforced, incl staff. Shop at your own risk.
  • Wholesale Club Started Aug. 29, multiple reports of not being enforced. Shop at your own risk.
  • Pepper’s Foods Cadboro Bay area
  • For Good Measure Cadboro Bay
  • Fujiya Foods, beginning Sept 15
  • Mitchell’s Farm, both grocery store and garden area.
  • Metchosin Farmers Markets on Sundays

Hardware / Home Improvement

  • Lee Valley

Department Stores

  • Homesense – they say it is mandatory policy and hand out masks, but refuse to enforce it. Visit at your risk.
  • Marshalls same deal as Homesense; say it’s mandatory, do not enforce.
  • Winners
  • Bed, Bath and Beyond (I need confirmation, was told not enforced)

Dollar / Thrift Stores

  • Dollar Tree Langford location mandatory; Tillicum mall not enforced.
  • St. Vincent de Paul, thrift store on Craigflower.

Drug Stores

None yet, suggest one!


  • MEC Mountain Equipment Coop, policy in place for some time now.
  • Gardenworks, gardening supply and plants store.
  • North Park Bike Shop
  • Champs, Mayfair Mall. Enforced at entrance.
  • Goodness Skate Shop
  • Fairfield Bicycle Shop
  • New Balance store on Government Street
  • Fjallraven, Outdoor clothing, hiking, etc store.

Clothing Stores

  • Still Life specialty clothing store for women and men.
  • Lululemon
  • Banana Republic (can someone confirm?)
  • The Gap, confirmed, table set up outdoors, will hand out masks.
  • Old Navy , confirmed they are enforcing this.
  • Eddie Bauer
  • Talbots Clothing
  • Aerie
  • American Eagle
  • Victoria Vintage
  • Aritizia, Mayfair Mall

Specialty Stores

  • Beehive Wool Shop, yarn and knitting shop.
  • Opus, art supplies store.
  • Comino Carpets & Flooring, on Quadra, disposable masks & hand sanitizer provided to customers.
  • Toes n Taps Dance Shoppe, also sells masks.
  • Gauntlet Games, University Heights, moving soon to Hillside area.
  • PetSmart (need confirmation it is being enforced)
  • Skyhaven Games, at Tillicum.
  • Island Pet Source, pets store in Langford
  • Creatures Pet Store

Tech Stores

  • Memory Express


  • Starbucks, starting September 14, all customers required to wear a mask while in store; already being enforced at some locations.

Liquor Stores

None yet, suggest one!

Health Care, Beauty

  • Nezza Naturals, Makeup, aromatherapy, soaps.
  • Bath and Body Works
  • L’Occitane bath and skin care product store
  • Lush, all locations.

All the Others

  • Thunderbird Insurance
  • McLaren Lighting, light fixtures, near Uptown Mall
  • Newlook Eyewear
  • Pandora Jewelry
  • Sunglass Hut (can the kiosks have mask policies?)

QLiving Furniture Store

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