Pure Energy Sculpture
(Town of Sidney)

The Town of Sidney will add another sculpture on the Sidney Seaside Sculpture Walk thanks to Victoria-based artist Armando Barbon.

Barbon donated his bronze sculpture “Pure Energy” to the open-air gallery, which was unveiled in its new location in Beacon Park on Tuesday.

“We are thrilled with Armando’s donation to our community and sincerely thank him for his generosity,” said Mayor Cliff McNeil-Smith in a statement.

“The Town of Sidney has always valued and supported the arts and as a Council, we recognize the cultural and economic benefits it brings to our community.”

Barbon is the proprietor of Studio 37 in Victoria. He began sculpting in 2000 and has created numerous pieces that have been installed locally and around the world.

Locals might recognize his work at the Royal BC Museum, where his statue of Dr. John Sebastian Helmcken resides.

The donation was facilitated by ArtSea Community Arts Council, which took over the administration of the Sculpture Walk for the Town in 2019.

“Armando’s Pure Energy is now located in a beautiful and prominent location – a location that will ensure that the residents and visitors will enjoy this spectacular piece for generations to come,” said Chair of the Sculpture Walk Committee, Wayne McNiven.

“Pure Energy” joins a host of works on the sculpture walk, including “The Keeper” which was purchased this year from artisan Ronald T. Crawford by the Sculpture Walk Committee.

The Town of Sidney says the committee’s goal is to acquire existing pieces on the sculpture walk, many of which are only on loan to the Town, before moving forward to add new pieces.