(Premier John Horgan/BC Gov Flickr)

John Horgan says he can’t guarantee promised payments to families and individuals throughout British Columbia will arrive before Christmas.

The recently re-elected premier told media on Monday at his first post-election presser that he can’t commit to a hard deadline for when people will see money from a key NDP campaign promise.

During the election, the BC NDP said they would offer one-time direct deposits of $1,000 to families with combined annual incomes under $125,000 (with a sliding scale up to $175,000) and $500 to single people with annual incomes up to $62,000 (with a sliding scale up to $87,000).

The policy plank was a major talking point in opposition to the BC Liberals’ proposed PST cut.

On Monday, Horgan said he didn’t know what restrictions his government might face getting the legislature back into place.

“I have been advised by finance officials that once the dollars are appropriated, it won’t take very much time at all to direct deposit the money,” the premier said.

He added that he is hopeful that his government will be able to enact the policy “very quickly” and suggested it could occur in December or early January.

“I can tell British Columbians that the commitment we made during the election campaign will be fulfilled,” Horgan said.

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