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Some Good Samaritans restored a little faith in humanity this week by returning wallets with cash in them to Oak Bay Police this week.

The Oak Bay PD says that three different wallets containing cash were handed back to them over the week of November 23 to 29, as well as another $60 in found cash.

All of the items were handed in to the front desk at Oak Bay PD, and the three wallets have already been returned to their owners.

The cash has not yet been reported missing to police and is still in their possession. The rightful owner can claim the cash by naming the date, location of loss and denominations and conditions of any bill(s).

“Serious inquiries only,” Oak Bay PD said in a statement. “No guessing or you could find yourself on the naughty list.”

People who believe the cash is theirs can contact the Oak Bay Police non-emergency line at 250-592-2424, and quote file #2020-3619.

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