BC Ferries North Van Police
(photo via @GoodMurphyWVPD)

Police were called on Saturday to escort a man out of a BC Ferries terminal after he refused to wear a mask.

Constable Kevin Goodmurphy, Communications Officer with West Vancouver Police, said in a tweet that the incident was the first call of the evening for the force.

Staff at the Horseshoe Bay terminal reported that a man was refusing to wear a mask and was being belligerent.

Goodmurphy says the man was asked to leave the property and was eventually escorted out.

“It’s not personal,” Goodmurphy said. “It’s the rules.”

BC Ferries has seen repeated incidents of anti-maskers being removed from vessels or terminals for belligerent behaviour.

One incident in October involving roughly 50 people led to 12 individuals being banned from BC Ferries for a day.

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