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This tourism footage of Victoria from 1936 is a must-watch (VIDEO)


Love seeing the history of old Victoria?

Then you will love this immersive tour of the capital of British Columbia in 1936, including views of the Butchart Gardens, Marine Drive, and Beacon Hill Park, as well as the exterior and interior of the Dominion Astrophysical Observatory.

The nearly 9-minute long footage is a promotional video which dubs the place we call home “The Sunshine City”.

The video is narrated by a well-spoken man who guides you through the streets of Victoria with his capitaving voice.

Without further ado, head back into time and watch for yourself:

Here’s a breakdown of locations seen within the video:

  • 0:38 aerial view of the inner harbour and James Bay
  • 0:48 aerial view of Selkirk Water
  • 0:54 Princess steamer docking
  • 1:08 The Empress
  • 1:34 lawn bowling!
  • 1:46 Crystal Gardens
  • 2:04 Legislature
  • 2:36 Beacon Hill Park
  • 3:30 Even in 1936 there was a deer problem
  • 3:37 Douglas Street
  • 3:45 Douglas and Yates
  • 3:58 the ‘burbs, as they were in 1936
  • 4:47 the Pendray Gardens (I have never heard of this place!)
  • 5:23 Beach Drive
  • 5:53 Golfing
  • 5:58 Observatory
  • 6:58 Buchart Gardens
  • 8:01 aerial view of the city
  • 8:12 shipping from Victoria
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