(BC Transit)

While most people have canceled their travel plans, two BC Transit employees’  plans have gotten a whole lot more serious. 

Darcy Darbshire and Eli Blanchette will tie the knot aboard a BC Transit bus this Family Day – a day which also marks the fifth anniversary of their first date.

Darbshire, who’s been with the BC Transit service team since November 2019, said the wedding was initially supposed to be in Cuba, but of course,”Covid changed that plan.”

So who made the new plans?

“It started out with me joking about it to Darcy. Then her mom kind of fell in love with the idea, and it took off from there,” said Eli Blanchette, a Transit Operator with BC Transit since September 2018.

While it may not be the most traditional wedding, Darbshire will still be wearing a traditional wedding dress, while Blanchette is still undecided, despite his suggestions to deliver his vows in his BC Transit uniform and a tie.

The couple will be joined by Darbshire’s parents and sisters, their photographer and of course their wedding Officiant in the physically-distant ceremony.

While people have gotten more creative with their weddings this past year, this isn’t the first time BC transit has been involved in a wedding, and it likely won’t be the last.

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