(Pluto's Diner / Facebook)

One of Victoria’s most iconic eateries is making some big moves, after announcing in 2019 they would leave their downtown location to make way for a residential development.

Pluto’s Diner will be relocating to the Quadra-Hillside neighbourhood in the near future, into the former location of San Remo restaurant on Quadra Street at Hillside Avenue in Quadra Village.

First established by the owner of the diner, Brun Dahlquist, and his business partner in 1988, Pluto’s Diner has been a Cook Street landmark for a long time.

While its bright neon sign, vintage aesthetic, and tasty food may be what visitors remember most, Dahlquist believes that the best part of Pluto’s has always been the community.

“It always comes back to the people,” he told Victoria Buzz in 2019 following the announcement.

“I’ve got third generation families coming in, guys with their young kids saying ‘hey, I used to come here with my dad and now I’ve brought my son’.”

“There actually have been three generations [at a table], a grandfather, dad, and child all eating lunch together and they all have their own memories here.”

On the other side of the table, Dahlquist says he also has staff that has been a part of Pluto’s over 30+ years.

Dahlquist hinted of the new plans on Facebook, and said that the lease in Quadra Village has been signed.

“The scientists are working on the details, but we’re attempting to move a planet,” said Brun in the social media post.

“2709 Quadra Street will be the will be the new location of  ‘The hottest food from the coolest planet'”.

A 15-story condominium tower with ground floor commercial space is proposed for Pluto’s former site, which was situated in a converted mid-20th century service station.

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