Bowker Creek residents banded together last weekend, to save a duck who had its mouth caught in a plastic coffee lid.

Mack Kurtz was walking his dog on Saturday when he noticed a female duck with clear plastic around her head.

To try and help, Kurtz chased the duck around the creek.

That didn’t work, so he contacted his friend Karen Hough who put a call for help out on her Facebook.

The response garnered about a dozen Bowker Creek residents who each came down to help rescue the duck, one of which was Deanne Sharp, a woman who happens to raise backyard ducks.

At that point, Kurtz tired the duck out so Sharp could rescue her.

Sharp carried the duck out of the creek when Kurtz cut the plastic lid off – the duck swam to a male duck down the creek waiting.

Kurtz says the incident points to a bigger littering problem in the area.

“There’s garbage everywhere. After we helped the duck, a few guys went into the creek and pulled out bags and bags of garbage.”

Kurtz has since contacted the region of Saanich and the CRD to implement plans of action for the area.

Watch the rescue unfold:


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