Starting a new job is always challenging.

And getting to know the boss is the most important part of the job because you want to make a great first impression.

But what do you do when the new boss steals $1,000 from you?

Perhaps he wasn’t your boss after all.

Investigators with VicPD are warning the public after professional fraudsters victimized a new staff member and stole $1,000 in a sophisticated “internal email” cybercrime.

The victim reported to officers that they had received a phishing email from an internal email address that very closely resembled that of the organization’s CEO.

The fraudster posed as the CEO urgently needing their credit card information, insisting they would be refunded.

The staff member obliged, purchasing ten gift cards of $100 each, and shared the numbers from the back of the gift cards with the fraudster.

The employee then brought the gift cards to the actual CEO, at which point she learned she had been the victim of a sophisticated fraud.

The organization had previously been targeted by phishing attacks, but as a newer member of the team, the targeted employee had not yet received training created to avoid these sophisticated frauds.

While officers are investigating, it is unlikely the employee’s funds will be recovered.

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